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Intercom Systems
4 Pack of 4 Channel Voice
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Intercom Systems Products
Activated Wireless Intercoms:
The Complete, in-hone communication system-Allows a choice of four channels to talk to or monitor rooms or offices. Compatible with all Westinghouse and NOVI intercoms. Hands free, extended range, ultra clear. Intercoms plug directly into existing house wiring.
Monitor Your Child room with out noise-These Voice activated intercoms allow you to monitor a room, and only hear when people talk or the baby cries.

The voice activated system will automatically turn on and let you listen in when there is a voice-so you never have to listen to noise while you sleep, Only what you want to hear.

A complete, in-home communication system; our voice-activated intercom is a must for every home, office, or nursery where room to room communication or monitoring is necessary.
• Four channel operation.
• Voice activation of any channel.
• Page or talk with any location.
• For larger homes or offices, easily expand your intercom system with additional pairs of intercoms.
• Pack Includes 4 Intercoms.

4 Channel Voice-Activated Intercom features:
• No installation or batteries required.
• Two-way communications.
• One-way audio monitoring.
• Excellent sound clarity.
• Press Call to page another room.
• Press Talk to converse.
• Press Lock for continual monitoring.
• Up to 1500 foot range.
Intercom Systems - 4 Pack of 4 Channel Voice
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